Professional Details Photography and Beyond

I shoot the world how I see it. Bold and Brilliant. I have been shooting for several years and have trained with some top pros in the world of Product / Macro / Details photography, most notably Christina Tisi-Kramer. My skills also extend to that of Fashion/ Portraiture / Fine Art with strong mentoring and influence of Sean P. Watters. Being a model on both the east and west coast has allowed me see not only what the camera sees but what the model sees and feels as well thus allowing me to cultivate a fluid connection and ultimately produce stunning images. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I Spent the better half of the last decade in NYC training. My studio is on site and well equipped. I do what I love. I'm extremely friendly, honest, and possess a high positive energy vibration. "I am truly a versatile shooter with a passion for writing with light. An Artist by nature, emotional being by design." -tompaul